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Hong Kong s Cybersecurity Agenda 2003 set the goal of stopping a similar version of the virus ransomware that hit in 2014 from spreading into the territories. The Hong Kong government has identified at least 36 government agencies and educational institutions that have signed up to the plan, including the Hong Kong Executive Council, the Legislative Council, and the Education Bureau, which issues ID cards. More than 60,000 computers at 300 agencies and institutions are now protected with special antivirus software. But a 2017 study showed that hackers could circumvent the protections. In December, Hong Kong Chief Executive (CE) Carrie Lam said she believed a Hong Kong-based multinational company was behind a hack [PDF]that compromised 3.9 million personal accounts belonging to millions of users of China and Hong Kongs WeChat, a popular messaging and social media app.

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Investigations and intelligence gathering have been under way for many years, for example, for years, the Chinese government has used the Great Firewall of China to monitor and censor information on the internet. Under Xi, the censorship of all websites that mention the Dalai Lama was tightened, Twitter and YouTube have been closed and any video containing nudity was removed. The government also closed or shut down chat apps and websites like Weibo, WeChat, and QQ in late 2015 and early 2016.

the chinese government has consistently blocked access to websites containing information about liu xiaobo. in 2012, a website featuring liu xiaobos essays and essays by other well-known chinese dissidents was blocked. at the time, the wei min blog was blocked, with the authorities seizing the domain name. in july 2013, the website (in case the domain name is seized) was blocked to prevent people from obtaining information about liu xiaobos death. in october 2013, a website called free liu xiaobo was blocked after southern weekly published articles about liu xiaobo. the website was created by liu xiaobo in 2007. liu xiaobos supporters continue to be harassed and detained in china. at least twenty-three civil rights lawyers were detained in 2015 for their work on liu xiaobo cases.


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