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EFICN SW is a computer-aided manufacturing (CAM) software that is fully integrated into SOLIDWORKS, a popular computer-aided design (CAD) software. EFICN SW allows you to create and manage the entire fabrication process, from generating the numerical control (NC) programs, to editing the manufacturing documents, to transmitting the programs to the CNC machines. EFICN SW supports 4-axis milling and 3-axis turning machines, and includes a powerful post-processor editor that can create any syntax for any CNC controller.

Why Choose EFICN SW?

EFICN SW offers several advantages over other CAM solutions, such as:

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  • Simplicity: EFICN SW has a user-friendly interface that only requires five commands to operate the entire CAM system. The dialog boxes are graphical and contextual, showing you only what you need to see. The machining tree view allows you to visualize and modify the sequence of tools and operations in the current machining phase. EFICN SW also applies a suitable machining entity based on the geometry you select, which can be accepted or modified as needed.

  • Integration: EFICN SW is fully integrated into SOLIDWORKS, meaning that you do not need to transfer or convert any files between the CAD and CAM software. This ensures the associativity between the digital model and the machining process, and allows you to work in assembly mode, placing the parts on their holding devices. EFICN SW also works with SWOOD, a woodworking CAD/CAM software from EFICAD.

  • Performance: EFICN SW performs a real geometric analysis of the digital model, without relying on the feature manager. This makes the fabrication independent of the design mode. EFICN SW also provides realistic representation of the tools, with their cutting part, shank, and attachment. The simulation is done with material removal, and EFICN SW is interfaced with NC Simul, a software for verifying the programs on a virtual machine and detecting collisions.

How to Get EFICN SW?

If you are interested in trying out EFICN SW, you can download a free trial version from [EFICAD's website]. You can also request a demo or contact them for more information. EFICN SW is available as an annual subscription with maintenance contract.

EFICN SW is a CAM solution that simplifies, integrates, and enhances your fabrication process with SOLIDWORKS. Whether you are working with metal or wood, EFICN SW can help you achieve your machining goals with ease and efficiency.


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