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Dell Venue 8 Pro Network Driver

Yes, this tablet has revealed that Dell doesn't care about their customers. They created a product with a defective network card or drivers that are unable to make it work properly. They refuse to acknowledge this, keep selling the device and don't provide a solution. The closest they came to admitting there was an issue was in the beginning of this thread, when a new driver was announced. All future driver updates never solved the issue and Dell stopped showing up in this thread. They have probably discovered that there is a flaw that software by itself can't fix. A recall of all devices is something they want to avoid, so they just pretend the there is no issue. There is not enough stir on forums and social media, so they think they can get away with it, and by the looks of it they can.

Dell Venue 8 Pro Network Driver

As mentioned by several people: all work arounds that suggest deleting certain Windows updates have no effect for most of us. It is not quite clear why some people seem to find them beneficial. As suggested before: it may only be a temporary cure, if any. However for most people they don't work, unfortunately. Don't get get me wrong, I'd love them to work, and tried them all, but they don't.The problem here is the lack of a proper driver which makes the network card work like it should. As long that is missing, these tablets will just not work as the should. The problem surfaced well over a year ago, so Dell had plenty of time to come up with a driver. They didn't and it has become clear that just don't care. No apologies, no refunds, no solutions. They just keep quite and hope the problem goes away.

----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Dell Venue 8 Pro - Hard reset without being in windows (Factory Reset Dell Venue 8 Pro) (reset, restore dell venue 8 pro to factory)

It may not be broken or damaged yet. The following answer helps bring the dell venue 8 pro back up and working. Im thinking when it goes dark, the dell is hard sleeping, so doing the following Forces a Hard Shutdown and then you should hopefully be up an running in no time.

Dell Venue 8 Pro = drivers (Installed all dell latests drivers) / BIOS (BIOS A03) /windows updates (all updates installed, except Windows Malicious Software removal)Found that installing VirtualBox with "bridged network driver" interferes with /disables Miracast options and connections.So Installing similar virtual network components like the "bridged network driver", VPN software, somehow interfered with the WiFi Direct connection (Miracast - seamlessly displaying video between devices, without cables or a network connection.)."Make certain that your display when using the Netgear Push2TV indicates it's waiting for connection before attempting to enable connection from your tablet.-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Charms Menu -> Devices -> Project "add a wireless display" not available anymore Fix/Solution

Your guess is correct. If I disable those network drivers, then wireless display behaves as normal. so, it is the network drivers causing the issue. I noted windows 8.1 has a wifi direct virtual network adapter, perhaps, vbox shouldn't bridge that adapter?

I've got a problem, and hoping you guys can help me sort it out. I installed windows 10 on my dell venue 8 pro, and it's been working beautifully. Today, however, I got a Miracast adapter, and dell informed me I needed new drivers. I downloaded the new drivers, and now windows 10 won't post. It also, won't let me restore. It says "you need media" and doesn't seem to figure out that I've got the recovery partition still taking up space (likely because it's windows 8.1) any ideas? Right now, it's not usable at all. Just boots to a blue screen informs me it's fubar'd then turns off.

Third-party Ethernet adapters are also supported for network deployment, although they don't support PXE boot. To use a third-party Ethernet adapter, you must load the drivers into the deployment boot image, and you must launch that boot image from a separate storage device, such as a USB stick.

Hi @jayeff I appreciate your reply and apologize for the delay getting back to you. I believe the number on this one is 3845. It has windows 8.1 on it. Initially the bluetooth device had disappeared from the device manager, but it has since returned. It wasn't coming back with a scan for new hardware. I think I fixed it by reinstalling the driver again and rebooting the device again. And then was having other problems with the pairing that made me think the Bose bluetooth is wonky too lol. I appreciate the video link as this is always great information to have, but for the moment it seems to be working, so I'll just leave it at that. Also I got it to go sideways in the first place by attempting to install a text to speech app on it. Also Narrator interferes with the networking for some reason. Probably a topic for a new question but I was trying to get "something -- anything" to read an open office document back to me, and Narrator won't do it and Braina won't do it and I had downloaded another one that won't run on this tablet.

how do you reset bios for dell venue 8 pro, i try to update the bios of my venue 8 pro and suddenly shutdown due to maybe battery drain, after charging it I try to power on and it was no longer working even i press it for more than a minute it just blink the orange led when pressing the power button and i noticed that it emit heat at the back even no sign on screen

To fix your Drivers problems you will need to know the particular model of the network adapter device you are having problems with. Once you have the details you can search the manufacturers website for your drivers and, if available, download and install these drivers.

Missing or corrupt Network Adapter Drivers can cause problems with your network connections. If you are not sure if your problem is driver-related, you can download a driver update tool, most of which will allow a free scan to check if any of your drivers are out-of-date.

In newer versions, like Windows 8 and Windows 10, Error 651 is usually due to a problem with the network adaptor, which is where the hardware of the PC meets that of the network device. Concretely, the culprit is usually a driver that was incorrectly installed, is out of date, or is completely missing from the network adapter.

Error 651 can also be traced back to RASPPPOE (RAS PPPover Ethernet), especially in Windows 7. This universal driver, which is saved in the system file raspppoe.sys, is often used in place of the official driver from the manufacturer of the network device. If this file is damaged, it may result in connection problems.

Before you look into drivers or concrete network settings, you should try restarting your devices. This means disconnecting your router or DLAN adapter from the power source and reconnecting it after around 30 seconds.

In recent years, the number of home networks has been drastically increasing, especially in cities. As a result, the computer may face network and Internet connection issues.\nIn order to quickly resolve network and Internet issues, here are a few recommendations to follow.\n\nReboot the computer and the router\nPrevent network adaptor from going into sleep mode and disable USB selective suspend setting \nRemove antivirus software \nCheck for BIOS or Driver updates \nReinstall network driver\nRecover the computer\n\n\nReboot your computer and the router\nPlease switch the computer and the modem\/router OFF, then after a few seconds turn it ON and wait until it is completely boot up. Then, connect the computer to the modem\/router again. Doing so will reset your Wi-Fi adapter and establish a new connection.\n\nPrevent network adaptor from going into sleep mode and disable USB selective suspend setting\nIf your connection issues mostly occur after you have not used your computer for several minutes, prevent the network adaptor from going into sleep mode:\nPress the Windows Key + w to open the Settings search box. Type Network and Sharing Center.\n\nClick the name of your Wi-Fi network and choose the Properties button.\n\nIn the Wi-Fi properties, click the Configure button.\n\nThen, click the Power Management tab.\n\nUncheck the Allow the computer to turn off this device to save power. Then click OK.\nf this does not solve the connection issue, disable Selective Suspend. Disabling this option allows full power to be sent to the device at all times, but remember that it can negatively affect your battery life:\nPress the Windows Key + L to open the Settings menu and select Control Panel.\n\nSelect Hardware and Sound.\n\nThen select Power Options.\n\nOn your selected Power Plan, select Change Plan Settings.\n\nThen select Advanced Power Settings. Move to USB settings and disable USB selective suspend setting.\n\n\nTemporarily remove antivirus software\nPress the Windows Key + L to open the Settings menu and select Control Panel.\n\nSelect Uninstall a Program from the Programs category.\nThe Uninstall or Change a Program window appears, listing your currently installed programs, their publisher, size, installation date, and version number.\nClick anti-virus software and click Uninstall to completely remove the program from the computer as a temporary action.\nIf your antivirus software was the cause for internet issue, it is advisable to install another antivirus software.\n\n\nCheck for BIOS and driver updates\nFor some models, a BIOS update may be available to improve the computer performance.\nPlease check on the download section if a BIOS update is available.\n\nReinstall Network driver\nReinstall the LAN driver: Press the ASSIST button to launch VAIO Care, select Advanced Tools. Select Restore and Recovery\/Restore\/Reinstall applications and drivers. From the displayed list of applications and drivers, rein-stall the Wireless LAN Driver and restart the computer.\n\nRecover the computer (Windows 8).\nThis will ensure your computer is reset to its factory settings for best performance."}],"keywords":["troubleshoot wifi wireless network disconnect connect LAN internet"],"operatingSystems":["name":"Windows 8","name":"Windows 8.1"],"countries":["AU","HK","IN","ID","KR","MY","XM","NZ","AP","PH","SG","TW","TH","VN"],"region":"AP","hidden":false,"lastModifiedDate":"Fri, 13 Jul 2018 03:43:01 GMT","isInternal":false,"hideModels":false,"isSelfDiagnosis":false,"catalog":"Personal Computers":"Laptop PC":"SVD Series":"SVD1121 Series":,"SVD1122 Series":,"SVD1321 Series":,"SVD1322 Series":,"SVD1323 Series":,"SVE Series":"SVE1111 Series":,"SVE1112 Series":,"SVE1113 Series":,"SVE1411 Series":,"SVE1412 Series":,"SVE1413 Series":,"SVE14A1 Series":,"SVE14A2 Series":,"SVE14A3 Series":,"SVE1511 Series":,"SVE1512 Series":,"SVE1513 Series":,"SVE1711 Series":,"SVE1712 Series":,"SVE1713 Series":,"SVF Series":"SVF11N1 Series":,"SVF13N1 Series":,"SVF13N2 Series":,"SVF1421 Series":,"SVF1422 Series":,"SVF1431 Series":,"SVF1432 Series":,"SVF1441 Series":,"SVF14A1 Series":,"SVF14N1 Series":,"SVF14N2 Series":,"SVF1521 Series":,"SVF1531 Series":,"SVF1532 Series":,"SVF1541 Series":,"SVF15A1 Series":,"SVF15N1 Series":,"SVF15N2 Series":,"SVP Series":"SVP1121 Series":,"SVP1122 Series":,"SVP1321 Series":,"SVP1322 Series":,"SVS Series":"SVS1311 Series":,"SVS1312 Series":,"SVS1313 Series":,"SVS13A1 Series":,"SVS13A2 Series":,"SVS13A3 Series":,"SVS1511 Series":,"SVS1512 Series":,"SVS1513 Series":,"SVT Series":"SVT1111 Series":,"SVT1112 Series":,"SVT1311 Series":,"SVT1312 Series":,"SVT1313 Series":,"SVT1411 Series":,"SVT1412 Series":,"SVT1511 Series":,"SVZ Series":"SVZ1311 Series":,"taggedModels":[]}};window.__CTX__ = window.__CTX__ ;window.__COMPONENT_CONFIG__ = window.__COMPONENT_CONFIG__ ;window.__I18N__ = window.__I18N__ ;window.__CTX__.article_details ="module":"isCritical":true;window.__COMPONENT_CONFIG__.article_details ="support_organic_results_max_per_page":10,"support_search_whereToFindModelNo":"https:\/\/\/find-the-model","support_additionalVisibleModulesInLiteMode":[];window.__I18N__.article_details ="GB.displayName":"United Kingdom","tier_title.agent-tier2":"Tier 2 Answer","SE.displayName":"Sweden","related_products_curated_link.text":"Accessories","flowplayer.language.ja":"