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Download 21 Mu Tiffin - A Gujarati Drama About a Middle-Aged Lady and Her 21st Customer - 720p

21 Mu Tiffin Full Movie Download 720p: A Heartwarming Gujarati Drama

If you are looking for a Gujarati movie that will touch your heart and make you smile, then you should watch 21 Mu Tiffin. This is a story of a middle-aged woman who juggles multiple roles in her life: a wife, a mother, a daughter, a sister, a friend, and an entrepreneur. Her income comes from running a tiffin service for her customers. However, she feels something is missing in her life, until she meets Dhruv, a young man who appreciates her food and her personality. How will this encounter change her life? Find out in this beautiful movie that celebrates womanhood, family, and love.

21 mu tiffin full movie download 720p


What is 21 Mu Tiffin about?

The plot summary

21 Mu Tiffin is directed by Vijaygiri Bava and written by Raam Mori. It was released on December 10, 2021, in India. The movie follows the life of Neetu, a middle-aged woman who lives in Ahmedabad with her husband and daughter. She runs a tiffin service for her customers, who are mostly office workers. She is good at her job, but she feels unfulfilled and unhappy. She has no time for herself or her hobbies. She also faces problems in her marriage and her relationship with her daughter.

One day, she gets a new customer, Dhruv, who is the 21st person to order her tiffin. Dhruv is a young and handsome man who works as a photographer. He likes Neetu's food and he also likes her as a person. He compliments her and makes her feel special. He also helps her to rediscover her passion for painting. Neetu starts to feel happy and confident again. She also starts to bond with her daughter, Nitu, who notices the change in her mother.

However, not everyone is happy with Neetu's new friendship. Her husband, Bhanu, becomes suspicious and jealous of Dhruv. He thinks that Neetu is having an affair with him. He also feels insecure about his own job and his role as a husband and father. He tries to control Neetu and stop her from meeting Dhruv. He also argues with Nitu, who supports her mother.

Will Neetu be able to pursue her happiness and freedom? Will Dhruv be able to express his true feelings for Neetu? Will Bhanu be able to understand and respect Neetu's choices? Will Nitu be able to help her parents to sort out their issues? Watch the movie to find out.

The cast and crew

The movie features some talented actors from the Gujarati film industry. The main cast includes:

  • Raunaq Kamdar as Dhruv

  • Niilam Paanchal as Neetu

  • Jahanvi Patel as Nitu

  • Deepan Shah as Bhanu

  • Hitesh Thakar as Mane

  • Netri Trivedi as Neetal

The movie also has some supporting actors who play important roles in the story. They are:

  • Mehul Solanki as Ravi

  • Chintan Mehta as Chintan

  • Kinjal Bhatt as Kinjal

  • Ajay Parekh as Ajay

  • Rajesh Mandloi as Rajesh

  • Nirav Mehta as Nirav

Where can you watch 21 Mu Tiffin online?


The best way to watch 21 Mu Tiffin online is to stream it on Shem arooMe, a popular streaming platform for Gujarati movies and shows.