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RTK13 - Hero Mode Additional Stage Set 1 Free Download [Patch]

This comprehensive and exceptionally detailed strategy title features two compelling gameplay experiences: the Campaign mode, which stays true to the most profound of strategy games by allowing players the freedom to choose a starting year and customize the board to their liking before attempting to beat the game, and the Hero mode, which acts an in-depth tutorial, closely following historical events while teaching players all of the game's mechanics. In Hero mode, players familiar with characters from the Romance of the Three Kingdoms series can also enjoy an alternative way to relive the exciting lives and adventures of those heroes before proceeding to leave their own mark on history!

RTK13 - Hero Mode Additional Stage Set 1 Free Download [Patch]

The Hero Mode tells the story of the Three Kingdoms through several short battles and events, with its first half serving as a tutorial. After that, the Hero Mode takes more of a fixed scenario/challenge approach. The object of Hero mode is to navigate a set stage of special events and battles within a set time limit: for example in the scenario Twin Tigers, Sun Ce and Zhou Yu are tasked with conquering all of Yang province beginning in the year 195 and must complete the objective before the year 200. In the standard edition of Romance of the Three Kingdoms XIII, Hero Mode begins with the player controlling Liu Bei before he entered military service and focuses on the formation of his friendship with Guan Yu and Zhang Fei. Standard edition Hero Mode ends after Cao Cao's victory at Guandu, with this stage acting to test the player on how much they have learned thus far through playing the tutorials. More scenarios for Hero Mode are included in the Romance of the Three Kingdoms XIII Fame and Strategy Expansion Pack and through additional downloadable content. The scenarios after Guandu are designed to challenge the player, with the greatest challenge usually being the reduced time limits to complete the stages. The final scenario is a fantasy timeline following Jiang Wei in an alternate history route of his northern campaigns, ending with the defeat of Wei and restoration of the Han Dynasty.


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