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Teen Gay Bautiful Boy.

The main character, Jamie (Glen Berry), is a teenager who is in love with his classmate, Ste. Jamie's single mother, Sandra (Linda Henry), is pre-occupied with ambitious plans to run her own pub and has an ever-changing string of lovers; the latest of these is Tony (Ben Daniels), a neo-hippie.

Teen gay bautiful boy.

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Nic has a fresh start in Los Angeles. He attends 12 step meetings, spends time with his sponsor Spencer, and even works at a drug clinic to help newer patients overcome their addiction. Fourteen months sober, Nic drives to visit David and his family. Seeing Nic back to his old self, interacting happily with his two younger half-siblings, David is proud of his son's newfound sobriety, as is his wife Karen. As he departs from their home, however, Nic has a sudden surge of depression, resents his sobriety, and fears relapsing. Spencer gives Nic moral support over the phone, but to little avail. Later that night, Nic drives into San Francisco, where he runs into Lauren, a fellow drug addict from his past, and confesses his desire to "party," despite having been clean for quite some time. The two buy various drugs in the streets, which they proceed to inject together at Lauren's place, where they have sex.

Parents need to know that Beautiful Boy is an intense drama based on the true story of a teen (Timothée Chalamet) who's seriously addicted to drugs, including crystal meth. Scenes show him preparing drugs with a spoon and lighter, injecting drugs, stealing pills and popping them, driving under the influence, attending meetings, etc. He smokes pot with his father (Steve Carell); in one scene, the dad also snorts cocaine. Language is very strong, with multiple uses of "f--k," "s--t," and more. Teens have sex in a shower, with kissing, thrusting, and moaning, but no explicit nudity. Characters shout and argue, and a teen girl nearly dies of an overdose but is saved through CPR. While the performances are fine and the film certainly gets its anti-drug message across, it's grueling and heavy-handed, as well as very mature.

In BEAUTIFUL BOY, freelance journalist David Sheff (Steve Carell) is a divorced dad with a teen son, Nic (Timothée Chalamet), from his previous marriage to Vicki (Amy Ryan). Now David is married to Karen (Maura Tierney) and has two young children with her, but of course he still loves Nic, too, so he wants to help his firstborn deal with his drug use. David goes to a doctor to find out what to do, especially regarding Nic's new and frightening addiction to crystal meth. From there it's a bumpy journey as Nic goes to rehab, tries to straighten out, and then starts using again. David makes many trips out into the night to find Nic, and they share lots of hugs and meetings in cafes, during which Nic tries to hide that he's still using. Finally David comes to the realization that, as much as he wants to help, there's only so much he can do. The rest is up to Nic.

She's only just arrived in Houston, but Mikelle Johnson is already making a name for herself. The Yale graduate first starred as a disenfranchised teenager in Big Death, Little Death, Catastrophic Theatre's opening show. Then she moved on to darker subject matter in Stages's Mr. Marmalade, the cautionary tale about raising kids in America. And Johnson was brilliant as the precocious four-year-old Lucy, a child living in a dangerous imaginary world shaped by violent images from television. All elbows and knees, Johnson found the awkward grace of a child without resorting to trite silliness. Her Lucy was very much her own person, and Johnson broke our hearts as the lonely little girl with the dark imagination.

Stiles is an 18 year old depressed teen who end up attempting suicide after the tragic death of his father, John. Little did he knew that the forest where he plans to end everything will only invite something twisted to his human eyes that will make him want death twice than he already does. 350c69d7ab


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