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Jitney By August Wilson Script Seven Guitars

Jitney by August Wilson Script Seven Guitars - A Review of Two Plays by the Legendary Playwright

August Wilson was one of the most acclaimed and influential American playwrights of the 20th century. He is best known for his Pittsburgh Cycle, a series of ten plays that chronicle the African American experience in each decade of the 1900s. Two of these plays are Jitney and Seven Guitars, which are both set in the Hill District of Pittsburgh, a predominantly black neighborhood where Wilson grew up.

Jitney is Wilson's first play, written in 1979 and revised in 1996. It tells the story of a group of cab drivers who operate an unlicensed car service, or jitney, in the 1970s. They face various challenges, such as urban renewal, racism, poverty, and personal conflicts. The play explores themes such as family, community, identity, and survival.

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Seven Guitars is Wilson's seventh play, written in 1995. It is a prequel to his second play, Fences, and takes place in the 1940s. It revolves around the funeral of Floyd Barton, a blues musician who was on the verge of fame before his untimely death. The play flashes back to the events that led to his demise, involving his lover, his friends, and his enemies. The play examines themes such as music, love, violence, and destiny.

Both Jitney and Seven Guitars are masterpieces of drama that showcase Wilson's talent for creating rich and complex characters, realistic and poetic dialogue, and powerful and poignant stories. They are also part of Wilson's larger vision of portraying the history and culture of African Americans through art and literature.

If you are interested in reading these plays, you can download them for free from the following links:

  • [Jitney by August Wilson Script]

  • [Seven Guitars PDF]

Alternatively, you can download a zip file that contains both scripts from this link:

  • [Jitney by August Wilson Script Seven Guitars]

I hope you enjoy reading these plays as much as I did writing this article. Thank you for your attention.


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