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Zuenir Ventura Cidade Partida Pdf Download

Zuenir Ventura Cidade Partida Pdf Download

Cidade Partida (Split City) is a book by Brazilian journalist and writer Zuenir Ventura, published in 1994. It is a reportage on the social and urban violence in Rio de Janeiro, focusing on the favela of Vigário Geral, where 21 people were massacred by the police in 1993. The book also tells the story of the Viva Rio movement, a civil society initiative to promote peace and social inclusion in the city.

The book won the Jabuti Prize for best reportage in 1995 and was praised by critics and readers for its journalistic rigor, literary quality and human sensitivity. Ventura spent ten months living in Vigário Geral, interviewing residents, community leaders, police officers, politicians and activists. He also participated in the Viva Rio campaigns and events, such as the symbolic burial of weapons and the concert for peace at Copacabana beach.

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The book is divided into three parts: The War, The Peace and The Reconciliation. In the first part, Ventura describes the history of violence in Rio de Janeiro, from the colonial times to the present day, and analyzes the causes and consequences of the social and spatial segregation of the city. He also narrates the events that led to the Vigário Geral massacre and its aftermath. In the second part, he portrays the emergence of Viva Rio as a response to the violence and a hope for change. He also shows the daily life of Vigário Geral, its problems and potentials, its culture and creativity. In the third part, he reflects on the challenges and possibilities of building a more just and democratic society, where the city is not split between rich and poor, us and them, order and chaos.

The book is available for free download in Portuguese at [Internet Archive]. It has not been translated into other languages yet. However, there are some reviews and summaries of the book in English at [SKOOB] and [Open Library].


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