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[BEST] Download Life Like Mp3

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Download Life Like mp3

Ron Rolheiser shares his experiences and insights on three distinct phases of our spiritual lives: Essential, Generative, and Radical Discipleship. Drawing on the work of St. John of the Cross and other mystics, he also focuses on the final stages of life and on dying well.

Alone, Alive, FulfilledEveryday Insights - EMOTIONAL STRATEGIES(Available only in PDF and MP3 audio)This booklet is written and dedicated to everyone that is alone or feels alone. Maybe you're living with your family; but you are somehow alone. Feeling alone can come from many sources. Learning to recognize "being single" as a great gift is vitally important. It doesn't preclude having meaningful relationships in your life. This booklet shares insights on the meaning, love, and contentment with which God can fill your heart so that when you are alone, you can also be fulfilled.Download this PDF Download MP3 Audio File

Cancer: Courage Through Christ (6BE143)Everyday Insights - EMOTIONAL STRATEGIES(Also available as MP3 audio)Hearing the diagnosis of cancer brings fear, discouragement, resignation, regret, sorrow--but hanging on to those emotions will block the individual from seeing the bigger picture that God is in control, even when confronting cancer. In this booklet, inspiration comes from God's Word and the real-life stories of people, who have been through this disease themselves. Their words--candid and sincere--offer fist-hand insights.Download this PDF Download MP3 Audio File

Comebacks: How to Get Back Up after Life Knocks You Down (6BE150)Everyday Insights - LIFE SKILLS(Also available as MP3 audio)For those of us who have blown it or would like a "re-do," comebacks are high on the agenda. There's no shortage of things in this world that can "rock our boat" or "upset our applecart." Natural disasters, human crazies, financial perils, messed-up childhoods--any or all of these can put us down-- and keep us there, if we let them. There's good news though. Getting knocked down isn't getting knocked out. Whether it's a sucker punch or a shot from your blind side that dropped you to the ground, you can make a personal comeback.Download this PDF Download MP3 Audio File

First-Class Faith Sharing: Methods & Motivations (6BE154)Outreach Essentials - SPIRITUAL LIFE(Also available as MP3 audio)As we all know, sharing our faith is a challenge. Considering the message we possess, however, one wouldn't think it would be. After all, we have the truth that can change everything for everyone: God sent His Son to die for our sins and by believing in Him as Savior we have eternal life in His Name. At face value, telling others about this doesn't seem too complicated.Download this PDF Download MP3 Audio File

Forgiveness is a Choice (6BE140)Everyday Insights - EMOTIONAL STRATEGIES(Also available as MP3 audio)With real-world scenarios and points to ponder, this booklet shows how forgiveness takes work and a desire to get beyond the offenses we've experienced or have committed against others. The forgiveness model in this difficult task, of course, is what God the Father has done for us through His Son. The act of forgiving is central to many problems people have with each other. God's free gift of forgiveness leads to peace and eternal life.Download this PDF Download MP3 Audio File

Live The Six: Learning to Live as an Everyday Missionary (6BE153)Christian Foundations - SPIRITUAL LIFE(Also available as MP3 audio)Though few Christians would say that Gospel outreach and/or missionary efforts are reserved for those intrepid souls who serve in a foreign country, this attitude often seems strangely reflective of many believers' ways of thinking. In this Project Connect booklet by Pastor Dion Garrett, he shares practical, down-to-earth strategies for taking the Gospel to the streets, sharing it with all those exotic people we meet--like our neighbors, our friends, maybe even somebody at our church.Download this PDF Download MP3 Audio File

Loved... And Not Forgotten (6BE142)Everyday Insights - SPIRITUAL LIFE(Also available as MP3 audio)The number of individuals incarcerated in the United States is an enormous figure, with more than two million people behind bars. While those imprisoned are there for a variety of offenses, none are sentenced to a life that excludes the Gospel.Download this PDF Download MP3 Audio File

Managing Your Money Financial Freedom (6BE115)Everyday Insights - LIFE SKILLSAre you struggling to manage your money? Feel like your finances are spinning out of control? Does the subject of money launch you into stress, shame or even denial? If so, you are not alone. This booklet was written by someone who has struggled first-hand with financial failure and explores the emotional component of money problems and provides practical money management tools to help you gain clarity and hope for your financial future.Download this PDF

Mormons: Who they Are, What They Believe (6BE157)Cultural Concepts - SPIRITUAL LIFE(Also available as MP3 audio)The Mormon Church (aka The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints) is an intriguing--and perplexing--religious movement. From its feel-good, family-oriented TV commercials to its Grammy- and Emmy-winning Mormon Tabernacle Choir to its earnest bicycling missionaries, the Mormon Church is high profile all the way. Founded in the early 19th century, this religious group boasts more than 15 million members and 85,000 missionaries, ranking it in the top five of "Christian denominations" in the U.S., according to the National Council of Churches. What makes this group distinctive and how does it differ from other churches? Questions like these and more are addressed in this informative booklet.Download this PDF Download MP3 Audio File

Out of the ShadowsEveryday Insights - ABUSE ADDICTION(Available only in PDF)If someone you love has an addiction, you can make changes that can free you for a life of joy and peace. Learn how to stop feeling responsible for your loved one's choices.Download this PDF

Own the ZoneEveryday Insights -HEALTH AND WELLNESS(Available only in PDF)Running on empty? Feeling zapped with zilch energy? There's no day better than today to begin reaching for the energy you need for the life you lead.Download this PDF

Regrets, Reality, Restoration (6BE159)Everyday Insights - LIFE SKILLS(Also available as MP3 audio)Regrets: whose life is not plagued by at least a few of these nagging leftovers from the past? The things we regret doing--or not doing, as the case may be--can wear us down, reshaping our lives and our sense of self, in the process. Left unattended, regrets erode our self-esteem, our willingness to press on, even our ability to think clearly. Everything becomes shrouded by the guilt, the pain we've caused, the sense that lives have been ruined, or at least dreadfully altered, by our foolish mistakes. What's happened in our lives, however, does not have to dictate the present--or the future. We can move beyond the crippling anguish and pain our decisions may have caused. Still, restoration--true restoration--is not purely a matter of willpower and positive thinking. It's turning to the One who has taken all our griefs, sorrows, anxieties, blunders, and misdeeds to the cross and where, once and for all time, He won for us an ultimate victory, through His death and resurrection. In Jesus there is a way out of your past. There is no sin beyond pardon. Even as Peter was devastated by his callousness toward the Savior's predicament and arrest, he was restored--by the grace of God--to a life that has made a difference in the lives of untold millions through the centuries.Download this PDF Download MP3 Audio File

Self-Control in an Addictive World (6BE119)Everyday Insights - ABUSE ADDICTION(Available only in PDF)Addiction may be our greatest mental, physical, financial and spiritual challenge. When you cannot find self-control, you cannot experience the joy-filled life you want. If you are having difficulty controlling your behavior, these things may cross your mind: how do I know if I have an addiction? What causes lack of self-control? How can I change my behavior? How can I help my loved one find self-control? This booklet answers these and other questions to give hope for a life that is addiction-free.Download this PDF

Strength and Honor: The Spiritual Warfare against Pornography (6BE149)Everyday Insights - ABUSE ADDICTION(Also available as MP3 audio)Pornography, sadly, is a word all too familiar these days. To say porn has crept into our households would be an understatement; its advance has been more like a march, leaving a host of casualties in its wake: individuals, marriages, families relationships, careers, sometimes even one's faith--go down the drain, as this take-no-prisoner scourge derails Christian and non-Christian alike. In this booklet the reader will find insights and hope to battle this pernicious vice.Download this PDF Download MP3 Audio File

Stressed but Connected (6BE107)Everyday Insights - EMOTIONAL STRATEGIES(Also available as MP3 audio)Unresolved issues. Financial trouble. Neglected health. Everyone feels stressed out. Right? Wrong! Everybody has stress, but not everyone is stressed out. If you've accepted stress as a way of life, this booklet is for you. From setting healthy personal boundaries to eliminating procrastination, these sensible strategies will help you manage stress before stress manages you. Best of all, you'll discover that you don't need to handle the pressure alone - as you embrace God's "best" for your life!Download this PDF Download MP3 Audio File 041b061a72