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AutoCAD Mechanical 2019 Portable: A Review

AutoCAD Mechanical 2019 is a software application that allows users to create and edit mechanical designs, drawings, and documentation. It is part of the AutoCAD family of products, which are widely used in the engineering, architecture, and construction industries. AutoCAD Mechanical 2019 has many features and tools that are specific to mechanical design, such as standard parts libraries, parametric constraints, associative dimensions, and bill of materials.

However, installing and running AutoCAD Mechanical 2019 on a computer requires a lot of disk space, memory, and processing power. For some users, this may not be feasible or convenient, especially if they need to use the software on different devices or locations. This is where AutoCAD Mechanical 2019 Portable comes in handy.


What is AutoCAD Mechanical 2019 Portable?

AutoCAD Mechanical 2019 Portable is a version of AutoCAD Mechanical 2019 that does not require installation on a computer. It can be run from a removable storage device, such as a USB flash drive, an external hard drive, or a cloud service. This means that users can access and use the software without affecting the system settings or files of the host computer. It also means that users can easily switch between different devices or locations without having to reinstall or reconfigure the software.

What are the benefits of AutoCAD Mechanical 2019 Portable?

There are several benefits of using AutoCAD Mechanical 2019 Portable, such as:

  • Portability: Users can carry the software with them wherever they go, and use it on any compatible computer. This gives them more flexibility and convenience in their work.

  • Performance: Users can optimize the performance of the software by choosing a storage device that suits their needs. For example, a USB flash drive may offer faster loading and saving times than an external hard drive, while a cloud service may offer more storage space and backup options than a USB flash drive.

  • Security: Users can protect their data and files by encrypting the storage device or using a password to access the software. This can prevent unauthorized access or theft of their work.

  • Cost: Users can save money by not having to buy multiple licenses or subscriptions for the software. They can also avoid paying for additional hardware or software upgrades that may be required to run the software on different computers.

What are the drawbacks of AutoCAD Mechanical 2019 Portable?

Despite its advantages, AutoCAD Mechanical 2019 Portable also has some drawbacks, such as:

  • Compatibility: Users may encounter compatibility issues when using the software on different computers. For example, some computers may not have the required operating system, drivers, or libraries to run the software properly. Some computers may also have security settings or antivirus programs that may block or interfere with the software.

  • Reliability: Users may lose their data or files if the storage device is damaged, lost, stolen, or corrupted. They may also experience errors or crashes if the storage device is disconnected or removed during the operation of the software.

  • Support: Users may not receive official support or updates from Autodesk for the portable version of the software. They may also violate the terms and conditions of Autodesk's license agreement by using the portable version of the software without authorization.

How to get AutoCAD Mechanical 2019 Portable?

There are two main ways to get AutoCAD Mechanical 2019 Portable:

  • Download it from a third-party source: There are some websites that offer downloadable versions of AutoCAD Mechanical 2019 Portable for free or for a fee. However, these sources are not authorized by Autodesk and may contain viruses, malware, or other harmful components. They may also have modified or removed some features or functions of the original software. Therefore, users should exercise caution and discretion when downloading from these sources.

  • Create it yourself: There are some tools and methods that allow users to create their own portable versions of AutoCAD Mechanical 2019 from their existing installations. However, these tools and methods are not endorsed by Autodesk and may not work properly or consistently. They may also violate the terms and conditions of Autodesk's license agreement by creating unauthorized copies of the software. Therefore, users should be aware of the risks and responsibilities involved in creating their own portable versions of the software.


AutoCAD Mechanical 2019 Portable is a convenient and flexible way to use AutoCAD Mechanical 2019 without installing it on a computer. It has many benefits, such as portability, performance, security, and cost. However, it also has some drawbacks, such as compatibility, reliability, and support. Users should weigh the pros and cons of using AutoCAD Mechanical 2019 Portable before deciding whether to use it or not. Users should also be careful and ethical when obtaining or creating AutoCAD Mechanical 2019 Portable, as they may encounter legal or technical issues if they do so without authorization from Autodesk.

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