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Les 10 Commandments De Dieu Pdf BETTER Download

I have felt the call to write a series of lessons on the Ten Commandments for a few years now. It felt like quite an overwhelming call, as I wanted to be sure to honor the message of the commandments and teach them in a meaningful, age appropriate way. I have used a variety of devotionals to help guide my own learning. I have also taken time to study the story in Exodus around the Ten Commandments passage to gain contextual understanding, and then researched verses that discuss the laws in other places in Scripture. On occasion, I looked up the original Hebrew to be sure I have a complete understanding of the heart of the law. I hope you enjoy teaching these lessons to your own students, and maybe learn a few things yourself. I certainly have!

Les 10 Commandments De Dieu Pdf Download

Download Zip:

This lesson series was written to accompany our free printable Ten commandment coloring pages. Each lesson plan includes the appropriate coloring sheet, but you can download them all directly if you prefer from the following link:


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